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How to return Enumerable<T> from IQueryExecutor?


QueryProviderBase.Execute<T> has a cast near the end to (TResult). This is set to my own IQueryable type. How am I supposed to return a generic Enumerable<T> from the IQueryExecutor that actually provides the results?
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IQueryExecutor defines three methods: ExecuteScalar<T>, ExecuteSingle<T>, and ExecuteCollection<T>. For queries that should return a sequence of values, ExecuteCollection<T> is called. The method receives a QueryModel that your QueryExecutor can analyze and translate into a query for your target system. The generic argument T defines what type of item the query should return.

So, you translate the QueryModel to a query for your target system and execute it. The target system returns a sequence of items of type T, and you then return those items as an IEnumeable<T>.

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